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Susan’s Personalised Candles was created in 2004 inspired by need for personalised candles at an affordable price. Thanks to the support of family and friends it has now grown into a successful small business. We provide customers and boutique retail outlets with our beautiful and stylish personalised candles. Word of mouth and return business means we are doing something right.

We pride ourselves on offering affordable, high quality Australian made pillar candles made from high grade paraffin wax. Our peak top candles have superior long burning qualities to ensure your candle lasts a lifetime. Our candles go through a special coating process to give the candle a quality smooth finish.

Our online personalising and ordering process is simple and secure.

Thank you for choosing Susan’s Personalised Candles for your special occasion. We hope that your personalised candle will create a lasting memory.

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About Me
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Suburb Quality
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Suburb Quality

We only use highest quality Australian made, pure white candles that are handcrafted to your specific design. ALL IMAGES AND TEXT ARE EMBEDDED WITHIN THE WAX, giving the candle a smooth satin like finish. Our candles are not finished with wraps, paper or stickers that will blister or peel off the candle surface. Our special coating process will ensure your candles last a lifetime, a keepsake of your special occasion.

Wrapped with Care

Each candle is wrapped in bubble wrap, cushioned in shredded paper or 100% recycled void and sent in a cardboard box marked “Fragile”.